• On-Site Dental Services

    Stu Rubin, DMD -- December 3, 2019

    What Are On-Site Dental Services? On-site dental services usually refer to services that a traveling or mobile dentist can provide outside a traditional dental office setting. For example, a traveling dentist may bring dental equipment and materials to an assisted-living facility or private home to provide services such as denture repairs, denture adjustments, making new […]

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  • Traveling Dentist

    Stu Rubin, DMD -- December 1, 2019

    What is a Traveling Dentist? A traveling dentist is a dentist that travels to locations away from his or her office in order to provide care to people who cannot come to a traditional physical office due to health difficulties, disabilities, or Alzheimer’ /Dementia. These locations may include private homes, assisted living facilities, and other […]

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