What is Nursing Home Dentistry and Assisted Living Dentistry?

Nursing Home Dentistry refers to dental care that we provide in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or other skilled nursing facility. One of the most common services we provide to our patients in nursing homes include making new dentures, adjusting dentures, and denture repairs. If a patient has a sore spot from a denture, or if they feel that their bite is off, we can adjust it.

What are the goals of nursing home dentistry or assisted living facility dentistry?

The most important aims of nursing home dentistry or assisted living dentistry are to make sure that our patients are pain-free, infection-free, and that they are able to eat comfortably.

Does insurance cover the cost of nursing home dental care or assisted living dental care?

The coverage would be the same as if the treatment was provided in a traditional office. Dental Home Services will fill out the insurance forms, enter the coding, and submit the claim to your insurance company for you.

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