We Can Adjust Your Dentures From the Comfort of Your Home or Residence

Denture sores can be very frustrating – they hurt and they can make chewing uncomfortable. Fortunately, most denture sores can be easily resolved by adjusting the denture or partial that’s causing the irritation.

Should you adjust your dentures at home?

No! We know it can be tempting to try to polish or file your own denture, but please do not try it at home on your own.  As dentists, we use instruments that are specifically designed to work with denture acrylic, and using other materials can significantly damage the denture. 

The height of a denture has a tremendous effect on how a denture fits (or doesn’t fit), as does the width of the denture against the gum. When we adjust your denture professionally, we make our tweaks with the above considerations in mind; if someone were to haphazardly adjust a denture, they will likely remove more material than necessary which may result in a denture that doesn’t hurt, but no longer fits in the mouth.

Denture Relines

With a denture reline, we remove some of the old lining of the denture, and add a new lining (hard or soft depending upon the situation) to the denture so that it fits more snugly in the patient’s mouth. 

Can my dentures be adjusted at my home?

Absolutely! As mobile dentists we are able to “bring the dental office to your home” and adjust your dentures properly so that they hurt less and feel better.  We are able to help with a variety of  denture-related problems such as sore spots,  rough edges on dentures, and chipped dentures

Can you reline my denture if I live in an assisted living facility? 

Our visiting dentist service has decades of experience working with patients in private homes, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and rehab centers. If you or a loved-one have a denture sore that is causing discomfort, call us so we can arrange a visit and fix the problem!

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