We Come to Your Home or Residence to Fix Dentures

At Dental Home Services, our experienced traveling dentists can help you at your home or at your assisted living facility with your dentures..  And with our experience and flexibility, most denture repairs can be done in your home without being sent out to the lab.


Unfortunately there are a number of things that can go wrong with dentures – but fortunately we can fix almost all of them.  

Broken Denture Teeth: Teeth can crack or chip off of dentures, and we can replace these broken teeth.  We can also add replacement teeth to dentures or partial dentures if you lose a tooth and need one added.   

Broken Dentures:  Dentures are made of very strong acrylics that are designed to withstand the wear and tear of eating and everyday use. However, dentures can break or chip, especially if they are dropped accidentally.  The good news is that our traveling dentists are often able to fix broken dentures on the spot.  

Denture Relines.  Sometimes loose fitting or ill-fitting dentures can be improved by performing a denture reline.  With a denture reline, we remove some of the old lining of the denture, and add a new lining (hard or soft depending upon the situation) to the denture so that it fits more snugly in the patient’s mouth.  

Denture Repair Kits.  You can purchase denture repair kits at places such as CVS, but we strongly recommend against doing so. While it might not seem that difficult to “re-glue” a tooth on a denture, the repair is not as straightforward as it may seem.  When you do repair a tooth on a denture, you need to evaluate why the tooth broke in the first place, the tooth’s relationship to the rest of the bite, and the status of the bite after you’ve put the tooth back on. That is, once the tooth is back on the denture, you need to make sure that the patient can bite and chew once again without breaking off the tooth.


All of this can be done on site at home without being sent out to the lab! If you have a question about whether a repair can be done or would need to be sent out to the lab, or if we are able to travel to see you or your loved one,  please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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